Tandem Skydive | JHB

Tandem Skydive | JHB

Tandem Skydive | JHB
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  • Look no further for the ultimate thrill of your life - Tandem Skydiving is the way to go if you want the ultimate joy ride and if you are a complete novice! If you are thinking of taking up skydiving as a new hobby then this is an ideal and "out there" taster of what to expect. Experience the thrill of freefall.

    On a tandem jump, you are strapped to a Tandem Instructor with a special harness that`s attached to a specially designed parachute large enough to support both of you.

    A tandem jump requires approximately 15 - 20 minutes of ground training. After that it's a spectacular 20-minute aircraft ride, enjoying the finest views from the skies above. Then it`s out the door for a 120mph/200kph freefall together, falling about 25 seconds from 10,000ft or for 35 seconds from 11,000ft. Feel your heart in your throat, catch your breath and open your eyes to see the magnificent kingdom beneath you. A feeling one can`t explain will come over you and just as you start relaxing the Tandem Instructor opens the parachute and a peaceful 3-4 minute parachute ride follows. Once you reach the earth below with your feet firmly on the ground, you can drink water to moisten your mouth from screaming like a girl up there!

    Don`t put it off any longer, this once in a lifetime experience will never ever be forgotten!

    Location | The Vaal Area, Gauteng
    | Skydiving takes place on weekends only. Subject to availability and ideal weather.
    Who | All participants must be in good health in order to participate. This experience is not for the feint hearted. Live life on the edge and just do it!
    Numbers | This experience is for one person and may form part of a group.
    Weather | Tandem skydiving is weather dependent. Cancelled jumps will be rescheduled.
    What to take | Dress sensibly, wear closed shoes and tie back long hair.
    Duration | Allow approximately one hour for the experience from start to end.
    Additional Information | Book early to avoid disappointment. A tandem skydive means that the professional instructor will be attached to your back by means of a harness. You will not be jumping on your own. You will be required to sign an indemnity form. Personal liability insurance is not included. Photos and/or DVD are excluded and can be arranged at time of booking. Service fee with e-voucher included. Weight limit of 95kg and under 18 needs parental consent.

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