dokiWatch - Sonic Blue

dokiWatch - Sonic Blue

dokiWatch - Sonic Blue
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  • Introducing dokiWatch, the world's most advanced 3G smart watch for kids. 

  • dokiWatch is a wearable phone and locator that combines video calling, voice calling, messaging, and location-tracking capabilities into one simple device. 

    Not all kids are ready for smartphones yet. With dokiWatch, kids can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the securit of knowing that they're safe.

    Key features:
    Video calling: 
    dokiWatch is the first-ever smartwatch for kids with an integrated video calling feature. Now you can see and talk to your kids anytime and anywhere, whether you’re at the office or out of the country. 

    Voice calling: 
    Preset up to 20 contacts that dokiWatch can make and receive calls from. Unrecognized numbers will automatically be blocked.
    Send and receive voice messages and one-way text messages (cell to dokiWatch)
    Send emojis: Sometimes an emoji says it all. Kids can send fun emojis to other family members and friends from their dokiWatch.

    Smart locator: 
    Track your childs location using a combination of GPS, GSM, and WIFI technology.

    Kids can easily add other friends by pairing their dokiWatches through Bluetooth. Rest assured that parents will always receive a notification whenever their child adds a new friend.

    Alert area: 
    AlertArea is a virtual radius or geo-fence around a specific location, like home, school, or a friend’s house. Once an AlertArea is set from the Doki app, parents will receive a notification every time their child enters or leaves that area.

    Big or small, an emergency is always an emergency when it comes to our children. With dokiWatch, your child can get help right away by simply pressing the red SOS button for 3 seconds.
    This triggers our 3-step Emergency SOS Mode:

    1) an emergency notification will be sent to all contacts on the family list

    2) a 60-second recording of your child’s voice and any background sounds will be sent to contacts

    3) an immediate update of your child’s location is sent to all contacts.

    Class mode: 
    Remotely deactivate your child's dokiWatch at set times such as during class (this does not disable SOS)

    Fitness tracker: 
    dokiPet is a virtual pet that acts as a fitness tracker. dokiPet makes sure your kids stay healthy by encouraging them to keep moving: the more active your kids are, the bigger and stronger dokiPet grows. dokiWatch’s built-in accelerometer tracks steps, distance, and calories burned

    doki App:
    Available on both iOS App store and Google Play stores

    Communicate: Stay connected with your child and choose from multiple communication options

    Manage: Set up regular scheduled location updates and AlertAreas
    Stay informed: Keep track of your child with a combination of GPS, GSM & Wifi technology
  • Please note: Delivery will take place within 7 working days.

  • Most advanced smart watch made affordable

    At a glance
    It’s the smart way to watch the kids, with leading GPS technology and two-way calls. We know that knowing where the kids are, at all times, is important not only for good parenting, but to create peace of mind and wellbeing too. Enter, the world’s most advanced smart watch for kids and you’ll have a way of staying connected at all times. Get big features in one small nifty device, like voice location tracking and video calling, at special prices just for you.


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